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Random Car Logos This little blog is all about car manufacturers. We aim to devote a page to each different one, listing their models, with a few pictures, and a link to their UK website (if there is one!). We will try and give you not just the well known, but also the obscure, tiny, different and individual manufacturers that we know of that are currently on sale in the UK car market - and we hope we don't miss any out - if we have, please let us know, just drop me an email. We are a UK blog so we are concentrating on stuff purely on sale in the UK, no matter where thay are manufactured, but we won't include models not sold here. We don't know vast amounts about each one - you're better of trying Wikipedia or the less well known but equally good (if not better) Wikicars for full information, but hopefully we can at least give you a taster here. Happy reading, again, if you come across anything that you feel isn't right, or a fact we've got wrong we'll gladly change it if you just let us know. Best Regards Jonathan W

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